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first a disclaimer: as much as I love all of 1D and think they're all hot as balls and can literally get behind the idea of ANY pairing, ANY combination of any of them having sex with ANY OTHER member of the band, I have a really really hard (heh, heh, she said HARD) time getting behind the idea of a sexual type ot5 situation because, well, THERE ARE FIVE OF THEM. that's just a lot of disbelief to suspend, and while I read those fics and love them (because I am a dirty perv) I never actually seriously buy into them, for the most part.

HOWEVER. there is an exception to every rule, they say, and for this I have TWO.

this first one just posted today:

That's What You Get For Waking Up Younger by nostravario which is, UGH. liam/zayn as the main pairing but zayn makes a wish that he was 16 again and gets to have dirty sex with ALL of them and then that happens and there is NOTHING I LOVE MORE than someone's younger past self showing up all shameless and having the guys all fawn over him and freak out at how hot the bb whoever is and all wanting to fuck him. and that is what happens here. it's also funny and cute with awesome writing and voices and SO HOT AND GOOD AND WONDERFUL AND AWESOME.

the second one I read a few weeks back and have since worn out the keys on my computer going back and rereading it about a billion and six times:

Kissing Practice by threeturn where zayn thinks he's not a good kisser and liam has a plan for them all to kiss zayn to show him how great his is and things ESCALATE (LIKE THEIR PENISES) and it is ALSO wonderful. this one also is hot and awesome but again has HILARIOUS banter. both of these fics actually have GREAT Louis' and just AMAZING SEXY ZAYN in both as well and just really. GUH. WONDERFUL STUFF.

in other news of wonderful stuff, there is a zayn/harry fic prompt post thing here:


and there are great prompts and people should write me ALL THE ZAYN/HARRY IN THE WORLD. they are pretty much my favorite thing ever (right now) and sexy as hell together (because, as laura says, ZAYN IS WHERE ALL THE SEX LIVES) and I'm going to stay home tonight and try and fill at least one of the prompts but everyone should go prompt things and write things because harry and zayn boning each other MAKES THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. NO, REALLY, IT DOES.
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