BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

new 1d fic - harry/niall - I Can Be Your New Addiction

so, HAHAHAHA, this is a harry/niall fic based on that TFLN that I got obsessed with a few weeks ago:

Slept with my first Irish dude before I got off the plane. Dublin has no idea what I've got in store for it

sooooooooo, it's harry/niall and I was SO PROUD of myself that I managed to write like, a COMPLETE FIC un under 3k. and then I showed it to a few people and reread it and was like, oh, that's because this is kind of like the first chapter of a REALLY LONG AND INVOLVED FIC ABOUT SEX AND FEELINGS AND STUFF, RIGHT?? and everyone was like, uhm, yes. and I was like, SIGH. WELL ITS JUST GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT. I HAVE OTHER SHIT TO DO.

so. that's kind of the deal right here.

but! for now it's done!

title - I Can Be Your New Addiction
pairing - Harry/Niall
rating - R
word count - ~3000
summary - And that’s another problem. Harry is way too aware of Niall right now to get entirely comfortable. He’s just…

Niall is just there – right there – and Harry is having all sorts of ridiculous thoughts about him.

I Can Be Your New Addiction
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