BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

new 1d fic - harry/nick - Walking On Sunshine

yeeeeeeeeeah, idk what's happening? but the thing I was writing last night wasn't working and then I somehow wrote like, 2200 words of harry/nick between last night and today?

anyway, I KIND OF LOVE THEM. A LOT. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS, ALL RIGHT? so. here is this and we'll not talk about the epic length fic I want to write where they're bff and hang out all the time and start like, casually hooking up and nick is harry's first boyfriend and, I DONT KNOW, THEY HAVE A LOT OF SEX AND FALL IN LOVE THE END.

whatever. here is the fic.

title - Walking On Sunshine
pairing - harry/nick
rating - r
word count - 2200
summary - Harry misses Nick when he's away rehearsing for the VMA's. It's a good thing Nick seems to be missing him right back.

read it at the AO3!!

Walking On Sunshine
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