BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

give your heart a break

ugh, lj, hello. I realized after reading my last few posts I havent been on lj lately at all unless its to shriek incoherently about harry's face or romcom album covers, or to like, drop off 10k pretending to be boyfriend fics and be like, WHOOPS SORRY. WROTE ANOTHER SEE YA LATER PEACE OUT.

ugggggggggh. I dont even know anymore! I havent been like this about a fandom in YEARS, man, where I could literally sit around and do nothing but write fic ALL DAY LONG because I have so many ideas. maybe it's because there's five of them? maybe its because I honestly dont find any of them unattractive enough to not want to write fic about? MAYBE I'M JUST THAT EASY? WHO KNOWS. all I know is I'm 7k into a complete schmoop fest right now and already know what I'm doing next AND the one after that. INSANE.

which, all right, lets talk about this schmoop fest shall we? it's a liam/louis fic for harriet_vane because when that whole fandom meme went around a few weeks back she said this:

Hee. Okay, I'm going to make someone write me some really long angsty Liam/Louis with a heavy dose of emotional h/c. I don't really care what type; people think people are in love with other people, maybe, or any variation on I Like You But I'm Too Fucked Up To Make This Work, or We Hook Up But I Pretend It Doesn't Mean Anything. It will probably involve a ski trip to a cabin and being stranded by a snow storm and then ~things happen and it's awkward because of... I don't know, whatever the angst of the fic is. And it would be HEARTBREAKINGLY TERRIBLE FOR EVERYONE up until the happy ending, that would be TOOTH-ROTTINGLY SWEET.

and I was like....I WILL WRITE YOU THAT. and in turn SHE is writing ME ridiculously schmoopy liam/louis h/c fic which. IS PRETTY GREAT I'LL TELL YOU THAT. anyway, the fic I'm writing was giving me literal FITS until last night when I managed to get past whatever my issue was and wrote 2500 more words and now all I want to do it SIT HERE AND FINISH IT. naturally tonight I have to work.

in other news ava started kindergarten! and she loves it! and I love having her out of the house for a bit during the day! she then, though, spilled an entire melted ice pops worth of juice into my laptop the other night so the keyboard is fairly shot and the touchpad doesnt work anymore and I have to use a MOUSE which, UGH. fucking annoying. so thats also happening.

erm...WHAT ELSE. NOT MUCH, ACTUALLY. as soon as I finish the schmoop fic I think I'm going to TRY and write a really long nick/harry fic all about blowjobs and feelings and getting drunk and being boyfriends and cooking eggs for breakfast in the morning. thats kind of the entire plot. whoops?
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