BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

new 1d fic - harry/nick - and how many years I've missed you

title - and how many years I've missed you
pairing - harry/nick grimshaw
rating - nc17
word count - ~18k
summary - “So my god, Nick,” Harry folds himself down into a chair, his long legs splaying out under the table. His foot knocks into Nick’s and Nick kicks him back reflexively, his body remembering how to act around Harry even after all this time. “This is bloody crazy,” Harry shakes his head. “It’s been ages, yeah? It’s got to be like, what, five years or something?”

Seven, Nick thinks to himself. You were just nineteen and I was twenty eight and it was seven years ago, not five.

or, the one where Harry and Nick haven't seen each other or been in touch in seven years and then they meet up and things happen

notes and fic at the ao3!!

and how many years I've missed you
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