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harry/niall prompt post!!


now, idk about YOU, but you know what says happy thanksgiving to ME the most? WRITING FIC ABOUT HARRY STYLES GETTING LAID.

no, no, it's true! so if you've ever seen this:


and wanted to read or write a billion words about what happens after harry is done biting niall's hoodie, go to the Harry/Niall fic fest and prompt post and leave AS MANY PROMPTS AS YOU CAN THINK OF. and then people will WRITE them! it's a win/win for everyone!

(well, I mean its win/win for everyone reading this who loved 1d. if you're reading this and you dont love 1d, uhm, sorry about my lj? whoops?)

anyway, go! prompt! write!!!
harriet_vane wanted a fic about louis taking liam out on a bunch of brodates to help him mend his broken heart with blowjobs, so that's what this is. beta notes and thanks in the fic on the ao3!

title - it's all fun and games until someone falls in love
pairing - liam/louis
rating - mature
word count - ~10
summary - “All right,” Louis says sternly. “So. We need a list.”

Liam watches him warily. “What kind of list?”

“A list of fun things,” Louis tells him. He grins brightly ignoring the way Liam is trying to shrink back into the couch and disappear. Liam brought this on himself, Louis thinks firmly. He’s not going to let him hide away anymore. “You and I are going to make a list of fun things to do, and then we’re going to go do them.”

read it at ao3!

it's all fun and games until someone falls in love

dont let go, rose!

he is just the best boy ever.


today was THE WORST

ugh, lj, today was SO BAD. ugh ugh UGH. I just. first off, I'm all for veterans day of course, but man, coming on the tail end of ava being in school ONE DAY in the entire last TWO WEEKS, having another day off today was really unwelcome.

and I had a MILLION things to do (errands, laundry, emptying the dishwasher, food shopping) and I didnt get home from them all until nearly 4:30 after leaving the house before ELEVEN. that...is TOO MANY HOURS dealing with annoying shit with two kids hanging around your neck.

and when I left the house today I asked my sister (who again, moved in temporarily with us FIVE YEARS AGO IN JANUARY. HI. I LOVE YOU. NOW MOVE OUT) to pick the stuff up from the living room since I'd be coming back late with all the grocery bags and two little kids by myself and she just...didnt do it. so THAT pissed me off.

and I have PMS.

and THEN I unpacked everything and checked twitter and OH MY GOD WHY. WHY WHY WHY. ugh, just, if you're not in 1D fandom you probably wont know this but the guys are here to do the today show the next two mornings and I assume they're near the today show somewhere in the midtown-ish area. so apparently louis and liam took ONE SECURITY DUDE (and andy. FUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUU ANDY WHY ARE YOU HEEEEEEEEEEEERE) to go to lunch at the TGI FRIDAYS in TIMES SQUARE.

I just. I AM SO IRRATIONALLY PISSED AT THIS. because of COURSE they got mobbed and of COURSE people acted like assholes. NEWSFLASH TO EVERYONE EVERYWHERE: NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE YOU WILL GET SHOVED AROUND IN TIMES SQUARE AND PEOPLE WILL BE ASSHOLES. PEOPLE ARE ASSHOLES IN TIMES SQUARE. it needs to be up to SOMEONE who is in CHARGE of this shit to be like, oh, hey, here's five super famous dudes in the area where fifty thousand screaming crazies have been sleeping outside for FOUR FUCKING DAYS to see them. LETS TAKE THEM FOR A BURGER DOWNTOWN MAYBE.

it was just SO POORLY HANDLED it makes me scream. and again, I have pms and have had a shitty day but I'm SO ANGRY that no one would think of this. its NYC. there are FIFTY FUCKING MILLION places they could have gone where that wouldnt have happened. IT IS JUST SO NEEDLESSLY STUPID.

*pant pant*

I...am sorry. I have a lot of feelings about this.

in happier news; I am all set for the five charity fics I'm writing and the count is TWO harry/nicks one liam/louis and TWO HARRY/NIALL FICS which is very much where my head has been lately so I am excited.

erg. I need wine.

new fic - nick/harry - date night

so I wrote a silly little fic last night! but then I drank so much wine I forgot to post about it here. whoops? anyway, fic!

title - date night
pairing - nick/harry
word count - ~2300
rating - teen
summary - based on the prompt:

I want fic where Nick has a date. In order to impress said date, he goes out and buys a cookbook and fresh ingredients (even though he can't cook) and spends all day practicing making a meal. So, that night he makes the meal for his date, but the dude stands him up. He's about to crack open the bottle of expensive wine he bought to go with dinner and and drink it all alone, but then Harry texts him and asks him what he's up to. He tells Harry he's just been stood up, tries to make a joke out of it, but twenty minutes later Harry shows up at his door and they eat Nick's food and drink the wine together and it's the best date Nick has ever been stood up for. And then there are makeouts. The end.

read it here at the AO3!!

date night


so I had to work tonight and I got off the couch and showered and drove there (using my precious gas, gdi) only to find out the power had blown half an hour before and we were closing for the night. (LIPA was there and said it wouldnt be back for 3-4 hours and we're only open from 5-10 so, yeah.)

ANYWAY, since I'm already dressed and have my hair all done we're getting ava to bed and then going OUT to get drunk and watch football. WHOOP WHOOP. and while I'm there you should all do THIS meme and ask me stuff that I will answer!

So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious but you have no idea about, or something obscure you just have to know. Ask away. All topics, are open for discussion

I thought this would be good too because I have a LOT of new friends now from 1d fandom who might be like, WHO IS THIS AVA PERSON YOURE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT?? or people that I've known forever who are just wondering things. if you'd rather you can ask anon as well, I dont really mind :D

so, anyway, ask away! and I will answer!
HELLO, LIVEJOURNAL. IT IS A LOVELY DAY, YES? YES. well, I mean apart from the NOR FUCKING EASTER thats happening right now where I am, and the fact that it's rain/snow/slushing all over the place and my power has already flickered twice. APART FROM ALL THAT, YEAH?

BECAUSE - are you ready for this? - EVERYONE LEFT MY FUCKING HOUSE TODAY. I mean, except for the baby, of course. but ava - school! mr. e - WORK! sister - working a double! and that means I can sit in my pjs and be online and not be bothered by ANYONE.

(well, lets amend that because jake just walked past me with the ice cream scooper in his mouth? so...I guess he got into the kitchen drawer? so maybe I should be bothered by that. BUT OTHER THAN MY SON EATING SMALL KITCHEN UTENSILS I MEAN.)

uhm, a few other things:

my thread is still open for one more fic at fandomaid here: my thread! Check it out! I've already got 4 bidders and stories lined up but will do up to five so if you want to donate for a 1d fic of your choice please head there and check it out!

I told off someone on facebook! its a guy I HATED in school but had on my facebook because, whatever, its facebook, but he's VERY anti obama and, whatever. PEOPLE HAVE OPINIONS, ALL RIGHT? LOTS OF THEM ARE WRONG, but they are still entitled to them! until you post this: GOOD JOB AMERICA YOURE FUCKING RETARDED FOR ELECTING THAT GUY AGAIN (which is EXACTLY what he posted last night) to which I replied:

"whether you agree with the election results or not, you should really - as a supposed grown up -know better than to use the term "fucking retarded" in a derogatory fashion. even my five year old knows how disgusting and rude it is to call someone "retarded" as an insult. you can have whatever political views you like but THAT you should be ashamed of."

I'm not deleting him yet because I want to see if he says anything. HAHAHA.

erm, what else is good...what else is good. hmmm...


So! I am doing Fandomaid!!

Basically, I live on Long Island in one of those towns that’s ALWAYS on TV for flooding issues from the bay. My house has had some water damage in the past, but this time we were lucky enough to not have too much rain with the storm and the ground wasn’t overly wet and we didn’t get any water damage at all, which is kind of miraculous. We do have a ginormous tree lying across our entire backyard, and had no power for six days, but overall and looking at what COULD have happened we were damn lucky and we know it.

Anyway, I love to do things like this so I figured I’d give it a go. I decided to go with the buy it now option rather than the bidding format, so basically I will write up to five fics for a minimum of a $10.00 donation per fic. Fics will be at least 2k unless you want to donate more and get some super long thing from me in which case I’m always willing to talk things over :D

My thread is here - my thread! Check it out! and there are a few pairings I won’t write but I’m usually pretty open to anything so if you want something you can always just ask me!

new 1d fic - harry/nick - hold me down

hahaha - FIC!!

ugh, this was supposed to be a short nick/harry little porn fic and wound up being over 14k and is covered by the end in gross FEELINGS. idk idk, THESE TWO, UGH.

anyway, thank you to the hundred people I sent this to as I was writing it for all of your advice and opinions, and thank you as always to crucios for the britpick! thanks ESPECIALLY though to mediaville who betaed the CRAP out of this, helped me figure out what was working, what wasn't working, and how to fix ALL OF IT. seriously, this story most likely wouldn't exist if not for her help so thank you again!!

title - Hold Me Down
pairing - harry/nick
word count - ~14k
rating - nc17
summary -

“I just can’t believe,” Nick starts. He feels Harry tense against him and he rubs a hand up and down his back to soothe him. “You like to be tied up, then, yeah?” he says, quiet and thick. Harry freezes for a second and then shivers, curling in impossibly closer to Nick’s body. “I bet you look ridiculously good all tied up, I’d imagine. Squirming and begging so prettily. I’d like to have a look at that myself. Mind if I have a go?” Nick asks.

read it at AO3!!!

Hold Me Down

good morning!

I had all these plans last night that with this extra hour this morning I was going to clean! and empty the dishwasher! and run laundry! and instead I'm rereading harry/louis mpreg and drinking coffee.


so anyway, hello all! I have been TERRIBLE at lj lately. it's kind of ridiculous. I'm going to try and post here more because I miss lj! I miss everyone on here! I just - we had a hurricane last week as I'm sure you've heard and I had no power for like - *counts* - six days and ava had no school all week (and no school next week) and things have been HECTIC.

but! in fannish news I'm watching the XFactor (but I didnt see last weeks and dont really have a favorite yet, we will see) and new girl and hart of dixie and, oh yeah, STILL LOVE ONE DIRECTION AND STUFF, and, erm, thats kind of it! I have a 14k nick/harry fic I'm posting tonight and another liam/louis I'm working on and then some challenge fics to start and things are GOOD, in fandom right now for me. IT IS ALL VERY EXCITING.

anyway, TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE UP TO AND WATCHING AND STUFF. or come talk to me about harry styles' face. that's always welcome too.
one day I will actually make a post? but for today there's just fic.

title - the second time's the charm
pairing - nick/harry
rating - pg13
word count - ~3100
summary - After failing to trick Harry during Call or Delete in the morning Nick tries again at night but things don't wind up exactly as Nick planned.

read it at AO3!!

the second time's the charm

so I was on twitter the other night, AS YOU DO, and I said something about Harry being the little black dress of 1D and how he needs to have sex with everyone and that just...lead to.

OH WAIT. HANG ON. ACTUALLY, I said Harry was an evil sex demon and rivers_bend said that maybe he was a TULPA LOL which made me think of sam and dean like, skulking around a house and harry the sex demon popping out and then THAT led to me, uhm, writing a 4000 word futurefic about harry and jensen meeting in a bar in LA and hooking up in a men's room.


anyway, in my head this harry is about 25 or so and has already succeeded in making his arm into a full sleeve of dumb tattoos just because I think that would be hot. ngl, this is possibly the most ridiculous pairing I've ever written, and I once wrote sam winchester fucking a paddle boat so. take that as you will.

thanks to teaboytoaliens for the beta!!

title hearts breaking ever
pairing - jensen ackles/harry styles
rating - mature
word count - ~3800
summary - futurefic where jensen ackles and harry styles meet in a bar in LA

read it at the AO3!!

hearts breaking even


I keep wanting to ask this question and then being like, UGH BUT IT IS SO MANY CHARACTERS MORE THAN 140 HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TWEET IT??? and then I think, well, nan, you can try and GET OFF TWITTER FOR FIVE SECONDS AND ASK A QUESTION SOMEWHERE ELSE. so, anyway, here I am!

anyway, uploading fics to ao3. I've been pretty much posting all my 1d stuff to ao3 which is fine, but I'd like to ultimately get all my stuff over there - the j2 and spn and ds especially - but, idk, is there some kind of etiquette to that? like, is it a crappy thing to do to be like, HEY HERES FIVE FICS, WHOOPS THEY'RE ALL FIVE YEARS OLD HAHAHA. and like, I dont want to bury someone's new fic on the list with my old stuff, etc. I was thinking of like, posting one from each fandom per day and do it that way? it will take FOREVER but it seems more fair at least? or is there a way to post so it just goes into the archive and doesn't show up as new somehow? (I dont think there is but I maybe never really looked.)

anyway, opinions! give them to me!

in other news, I have over 2k written on two different fics - a lilo brodate fic and a dirty nick/harry fic - so what did I decide to work on last night?


because, you know, THAT MAKES SENSE. GOOD JOB, NAN. ugh, idk, its a futurefic and will be done tonight and then I guess I can purge whatever demon lived in my brain last night that wanted to see harry and jensen making out in a dirty mens room.

MJ 2013



I keep meaning to make a proper lj post about fandom and tv and 1D and LIFE and such and just...keep not doing it. sigh. I will do that soon, promise.

in the meantime, heres a due south fic reference that happened to me today that I've been giggling over ever since.

so last weekend the Mr and I went away for our anniversary (12 yrs married, 17 yrs together. I mean, WHAT??) and my parents watched the kids and naturally ava got sick. she had a fever, threw up, the works. she was fine by tuesday for school, but NATURALLY, in the way of having children, by yesterday afternoon jake was all mushy and ill looking and has since been up since about 4:15am crying on and off and only napping while I'm HOLDING him which, you know, isnt really conducive to ME napping as well, but apparently thats what being a mom is all about. (OR SO I HAVE BEEN TOLD.)

anyway, by about 7:30 this morning he was MISERABLE. screaming crying and wandering around in circles and rubbing his eyes and getting tears and snot all over the place. his face was all blotchy and his hair was sticking up and his shirt was sticky from where the medicine spilled when I was trying to shove it into his mouth, and my sister comes downstairs from her room and looks at him and says "oh, god, what happened to HIM?"

and OUT OF NOWHERE I shook my head and said "oh, nothing. he just lost his zebra."

and NO ONE HERE knew what I meant, and I'm sure SO MANY of the people reading this wont get it either? but for the people that do, he spilled his juice and he lost his zebra and his pictures suck and we're just gonna go cross the day off.

*makes an X in the air*

siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. hi, lj. how are you all.
I have committed more fic!

title - and if this is the only thing I want
pairing - nick/harry
rating - nc17
word count - ~9k
summary -

And it’s insane. This entire thing is insane. “Nothing,” Nick says firmly. “We’re just – I’m not going to do anything. We’re friends, we go out, we snog sometimes. End of story.” It’s already been pretty uncomplicated, Nick thinks, so really, it should be able to just keep going the way it’s been going without any kind of issues.

“If you say so,” Aimee says, and if she sounds doubtful, or mocking, or like she’s humoring him Nick chooses to ignore it.

read it at the AO3!!

And If This is the Only Think I Want


so a few weeks back harriet_vane said she would love if someone wrote this:

really long angsty Liam/Louis with a heavy dose of emotional h/c. I don't really care what type; people think people are in love with other people, maybe, or any variation on I Like You But I'm Too Fucked Up To Make This Work, or We Hook Up But I Pretend It Doesn't Mean Anything. It will probably involve a ski trip to a cabin and being stranded by a snow storm and then ~things happen and it's awkward because of... I don't know, whatever the angst of the fic is. And it would be HEARTBREAKINGLY TERRIBLE FOR EVERYONE up until the happy ending, that would be TOOTH-ROTTINGLY SWEET.

and I said I wanted really long schmoopy liam/louis h/c fic so we DECIDED to write them for each other. so last week she posted for me the best fic EVER right here: My Love is as a Fever and I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH ♥

so tonight I finally finished and posted the fic above for her, complete with angst, porn, a ski trip, huddling for warmth, and more schmoop than you can possibly stomach in one go. no, I'm not joking, apparently I shouldnt watch interviews of Liam being sad after his heart was broken while finishing lilo fic? Becuase the level of schmoop in this fic can be seen from SPACE.


thanks to mediaville for the AMAZING multiple betas and crucios for the fabulous britpick!

title - look at the stars, look how they shine for you
pairing - liam/louis
rating - nc17
word count - ~14k

read it at the ao3!

look at the stars, look how they shine for you
title - you can trust me not to think
pairing - nick/harry
rating - pg
word count - ~3700
summary - harry goes on a date and nick gets jealous and stupid

read it at the ao3!

you can trust me not to think
you know what's funny, livejournal? a 39 year old lady thinking shes still in her twenties and going out TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW and drinking tequila, beer, shots AND wine during those outings. in two nights. while talking A LOT about harry styles. I mean, IT WAS THE BEST TWO NIGHTS EVER but I've pretty much been eating nothing but tums and pizza since then and had to work last night and just, UGH.

speaking of work last night, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THERE? so ok, I'm walking toward the kitchen holding a tray and had to kind of pause/wait for two dudes I work with to move because they were standing there talking and kind of blocking me. so as I'm waiting I hear one of them say to the other "so, you know that thing, you know, the thing where two uncircumcised guys take their dicks and --" and even though NO ONE WAS TALKING TO ME I go, "OH, DOCKING?" and they were like, "...yeah. uhm. why do you know about docking?" and I was like, ".........WHY DO YOU???" and ran the fuck away.


in other news, while I was out on friday night I got a text from the Mr. that said: "ava put zayn and louis to sleep together in her closet on top of the headbands." I just. THEY LIKE THE CLOSET, OK? SORRY ABOUT YOUR LIVES, GUYS.

uggggggggggh, SO HAPPY TO BE HOME TONIGHT. Im taking the kids out shopping today and then sitting on my ass and watching football and writing more harry/nick tonight. anyway, I'll leave you with this because honestly, if I have to suffer with their faces so should you.



memes are good for the soul

taken from everyone everywhere in the entire world:

pick a trope from this list and provide a 1D pairing (obviously nick and any girlfriends or josh or whoever are included as well), and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination. I'd say I'd write a ficlet but we all know I'll probably stare at all of them and write nothing except for one which I'll write 15k for because I am INSANE.

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be dating
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School/College

UGH. I LOVE TROPES. I would write these ALL. so, you know, you should make me tell you something or come here and tell ME something like, hey, you should TOTALLY write how nick walks in on harry wearing girl panties and then blows him against a wall. OR SOMETHING. I AM JUST SAYING.

in other news, the schmoop fic will be done and off to beta today! and then Im writing harry/nick! and then harry/zayn! and I have apparently convinced myself to do a liam/louis 'when harry met sally' fic for 1DBB because, seriously, THEY ARE SO HARRY AND SALLY. and the side pairing is harry/zayn in it and I think it will be fun and adorable.



larry is the new otp

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