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March 31st, 2006


Who else is a sad, sad fangirl and writing spoilers for Hell HouseCollapse )

*raises hand*

oh. uhm. Just me? Well, then. Carry on!

in other news - anyone free for a beta on this later today? I'm not thinking this will take all that long to write *g*

New SPN fic - Triple Dog Dare

omg. Today has been SUCH a fuck of a day in that I'm back and forth between two different computers, each with different systems and functions and just - blah. And I actually just snapped at some idiot man on the phone who when I said something was 'dash' something else he says "Which dash. There are TWO dashes. The one that goes under--" and I cut him off to say, "No. That would be the UNDERSCORE."

*pant pant*

erm - ANYWAY! So. The one thing BOTH of these computers had today? Was MS Word. Which is yay.

So I wrote Wincest.


Anyway. Thank you to esorlehcar for the awesome beta. THANK YOU!!

Title - Triple Dog Dare
Pairing - Sam/Dean
Rating - NC17
Size - 4700 words
Spoilers - Hell House

Triple Dog DareCollapse )