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December 7th, 2009

I love the way you love me

Aww, guys! Thank you for all the snowflakes! I feel so loved - yay! Thank you again!

So, here's a funny story! I'm a restaurant manager in a fairly nice restaurant. I mean, we're not like super swanky, but our entrees range from like, $26.00 each and up, so yeah, kind of a nice place. We have no kids menu, no real kids stuff. We definitely have families come there but it's more of a date night/trendy romantic place for the most part.

We always take reservations, and one of the servers main jobs is to like, talk to the people at their tables, engage them in conversation to find out what they like, dislike, are allergic to, etc. And then we go to their reservation in the computer and put all the info in there for next time they come in so we know.

(Ultimately, this is supposed to be HELPFUL information, but for the most part the notes are like "seat 2 likes cheddar. I want to bang the chick in seat 1," or "dude on the right has horrible teeth. likes pom cosmos." ETC.)

Anyway, on Friday night I walked past this table a few times and was kind of thrown because sitting there, on a Friday night, was a relatively youngish guy with a little boy around 5 or so, sitting in the booth coloring, and a little girl, probably around 3 who was jumping around next to the grownup on his side of the booth.

I thought maybe they were there for just dessert at first, which would kind of make sense? But as I kept passing I saw they were doing everything - appetizer, salad, dinner AND dessert. Which is kind of WEIRD with kids there, and also weird with this like, ONE HANDSOME DUDE and two little kids. We're definitely not a place that's conducive to any one parent - mom or dad - dealing with two little kids. It's usually just way too much of a hassle for the parent.

So I head to the back and look at the ticket for the table to see if the server has written any info on the guy or the kids, and I SWEAR TO GOD, this is what was written on there:

single dad
works two jobs - drives for UPS
boy is 5 girl is 3
this is his weekend - going to chuck e cheese tomorrow

And I maybe STOLE THE TICKET FROM THE BOARD so I could read it all night! HA. Even after the poor unsuspecting guy took his kids and left! HA HA HA. Because then my brain wrote J2 au rps all night and it was AWESOME! WHEE!


Yeah. Sometimes I suspect I shouldn't be allowed in public.

New J2 fic - leave a message at the tone

HA HA HA. This was supposed to be a drabble and it's longer than the last three fics I posted.


Anyway, fic! I guess! Based on this prompt from gypsy_atavari:

J2 AU. Jensen dials the wrong number and gets Jared (or vice versa) and they end up talking and interested. :-)


Title - leave a message at the tone
Pairing - Jared/Jensen
Rating - pg13 schmoop
Word Count - 2300
Spoilers - none

leave a messageat the toneCollapse )