BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

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You know what Wednesday's feel like for me?

Ok. Remember when you were really young and would go out for happy hour after work and somewhere around your fifteenth Bacardi and pineapple and the sixth or seventh shot of vodka you'd wind up dancing with the slightly cute guy who works in the cubicle next to you who you never really talked to but for some reason tonight looks SO HOT OMG and the band in the bar is playing Hold the Line by Toto and for some other reason you're SO EXICTED to hear bad 80's pop that you put your drink down and dirty dance and grind and make out with Slightly Cute But Tonight OMG SO HOT guy from work and then you drive home with one hand over your eye to see the lines in the road and pass out fully dressed on your bed and when you wake up the next morning you dont remember much but your panties are still damp and you totally know you had amazing sex but cant remember any of the details?

Does anyone remember this? (Events described are, of course, entirely fictional. *koff*)

Anyway. THAT is every Wednesday morning after a new SPN episode for me. How are YOU all feeling today? *g*

Random girlie tidbit I picked up while flipping through an old crap makeup magazine: According to Catherine Zeta Jones, women with dark hair and eyes should sometimes wear dark or electric blue eyeliner and mascara instead of black or brown. Something about the brightness of the blue around your eyes makes the brown seem even darker and more striking. Just thought I'd share.

SPN canon question: In the pilot we see Sam at school and he had an interview the next day? Had he graduated at that point or no? Do we ever really know what year he's in? I'm guessing that for him to talk about going back to school he doesnt full have his degree yet? Someone help me out on the details of higher education. I write car insurance for a living.

Finally, a long, long time ago, I promised myself that I wouldnt write any angsty SPN fic. The boys have enough issues and stress on their own, I told myself. What they need YOU for is to get them laid.

But then, you know, you wake up one morning with a fully formed fic in your head and you think: Fuck it. I have PMS and MS Word and know how to use them both. So you open up word and start typing and yeah. Just a fair warning, folks.

*kisses and hugs*

In conclusion: I just saw someone mention somewhere today is JA's birthday! This makes me about thirteen I think, but omg, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENSEN!!

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