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birthday! SV finale! and a j2 ficlet! WOOHOO!

Today is the birthday of the fucking amazingly awesome unholyglee! J, baby, you ROCK! I hope you have the best day ever! *kiss kiss*

So, ok. We've had really shit weather the past like, five days, and today is raining and pouring (this will become important later in the post) but the point of telling you all this is because today is the day that apparently I am using ALL the things I've stolen from my friends!

Yes, that's right! I'm using lyra_sena's umbrella that she left at my house last time she was over (lyra baby! are you all wet today? SORRY!) and I'm wearing boots that only fit when wearing the little blue socks that serialkarma left over my house the last time she was over (dude, these are the best boot socks EVER!) So. Uhm. YAY for my friends!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention that last week when I saw misspamela she gave me my xmas pressie, which was, omg, the very best thing EVER. It's a copy of the book Fancy Nancy and it's just. omg. It's about a little girl named Nancy, who's trying to teach her whole family to be FANCY and says things like, "Nancy wears magenta socks. Magenta is a fancy word for purple." And it just fills me with GLEE every time I look at it. So. Thank you, baby!!!

Ok. I have SV finale thoughts, but first, let me explain something to you about the way I watch SV.

I love Smallville. I love the good episodes, I love the bad episodes. SV, to me, is the ultimate guilty pleasure. I am quite honestly never happier than when I hear the SV theme song. I would watch it on a loop on repeat for the rest of my life.

The thing is, I know it's not really deserving of this kind of love. I know that. But. SV to me is like eating icing straight from the can for dinner. It's not good for you. You shouldn't be doing it. There's no nutritional value whatsoever, and if you look at the overall affects, it might actually be harmful to your health.

But, oh god, you just LOVE it. You love it and want it and at the time there's just NO substitute.

All of this is to say, I fucking LOVED the finale. (well, most of it.) So really, if you hated it this might not be the best place for you to click.

Wow. I said last night in LaT's quick post after Vessel was over, that man, I was actually slightly *embarrassed* about how much I loved the finale. I loved it. SO much.

I loved from the very beginning scene of Lex and Lana in Lex's mansion, the way when he got up, that spinning, quick cuts of the camrea angle. That was shot fucking beautifully. The whole teaser was awesome, and ok, let's just get it out there, MR rules, and Lex as Zod is hotter than anything on the planet. The end? The final scene of Lex and Lana on top of Luthercorp towers with Metropolis all around them? In the long, black coat? Good god. Lex is so fucking hot and SV is the most beautiful fucking show out there.

One thing I couldnt care less about was Martha and Lois. Honestly, Martha kind of irritated me for a lot of this season. And Lois, man. I dont hate Lois as much as a lot of people? But honestly, I cant think of a time that she ever seems *neccessary* in a scene. More than half the time it's like the writers just remembered, Oh, fuck, we're paying Erica Durance, right? Dammit. All right. Give her some scenes in this episode. To me it's pretty *obvious* when that happens, and just. For the love of god, I dont really care if they NEVER get out of the plane.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the Clark/Chloe kiss. One because ok, I love Chloe, and the kiss was hot. I was a little meh about the "I may never SEE YOU AGAIN!" drama aspect of it, but. I like Chloe. I like them together. I kind of wish Chloe would be over Clark by now? Because to me it seems like, my god. This has been YEARS. Babe, you're so much better than him ANYWAY, why are you even wasting your time. But. I liked the kiss and really SV has never let it be forgotten that Chloe loves Clark forever and ever eleventy, so. I can deal with it. I really sometimes though just wish she was like, man, Clark's a LOSER, and goes out and finds a real man.

Which brings me to Clark, and oh, Tom Welling, you never act better than you do in a scene with John Glover, do you, baby. That whole Clark and Lionel scene in the barn was awesome. Telling Lionel that Lex was Zod and just, TW played that beautifully.

Also awesome? And here's where half of you debate whether to defriend me or not, but I'm not even joking, Lana has fucking kicked ASS the past few episodes, imo. I think she was fantastic last night. I think KK did a great job. Her line delivery of "I dont know how I ever could have loved you" was fucking amazing.

That whole Clana scene, actually, was brilliant, because KK played it perfectly, and man, TW did the quickest, slightest flinch when he said whatever it was to the affect of "He told you and you're ok with it?" because oh, you had to know that that was Clark STILL second guessing his decision. He even makes some remark to that affect, to Chloe I think, of like, I think I've made a lot of bad decisions, or something.

The final scene of Clark trapped and floating in the sky was really giggle worthy. I'm sorry.

And finally, the best scene for me at least, was the Clex showdown. God. I just. Now, ok. I really dont *believe* everything they said to each other. And I would have been far happier without the Lex "Because I wanted everything you have" line, because I'm really not a fan of the oh poor me, Lex attitude.

But god. GOD. The whole "Thats why you cling to the idea that theres still some good in me. You dont want to face the fact that you might have failed" line. That. THAT. God. THAT is the future of Clex. Kassie had said something like that either in a fic or in a meta post one time, that Clark hates Lex because Lex is his greatest failure, and man, it's so TRUE. Clark's too arrogant, he tries to save everybody, he thinks everyone should be good and right, and for the most part he gets that. But Lex. Lex will be the one thing he will NEVER be able to fix. Lex will be his ultimate failure, and god, that was such a perfect fucking line and scene I nearly died.

Also, Lex's "I used to think you had this strong inner core. You were so virtuous, and yet you lie, ALL the time. To me, to lana, to the people who care about you. What kind of sick person would do that."


I have to watch that over and over again, but wow. Fucking amazing SV right there, imo.

The whole show was just awesome, and really overall I thought season 5 was really good. The finale kicked ass. YAY SV!!

I woke up about 4:30 this morning to a huge fucking thunderstorm. So since I was awake I got up and got a drink and then peed and then walked around the house for a few minutes. And since my brain is apparently ALWAYS in default J2 mode, I thought about rain and Jared and Jensen and came in to work this morning and scribbled this out.

500 words of J2


Thunder cracks and Jensen's instantly wide awake, listening to the windows rattle softly in the middle of the night. The alarm clock next to the bed reads way too fucking early AM. Something insane like four-thirty, four-forty-five. He closes his eyes, tries to fall back asleep, but lightning flashes and he finds himself counting in his head like he used to do when he was a kid, listening to the storms roll through Texas without a moments notice.

One, one thousand. Two, one thousand. He gets to four and thunder rumbles again, this time long and low.

The sheets twist around his legs as he rolls over to wake Jared. If Jensen's up Jared might as well be too, but the bed's empty. Nothing but a jumble of covers, the pillows all mashed up against the headboard the way Jared likes to sleep.

Jensen waits a minute for Jared to come back. He's probably just taking a leak or getting a drink, but when the thunder hits again and Jared's still not back, Jensen throws the covers off and climbs out of bed, scratching his chest and yawning.

He finds Jared in the hall, sitting on the floor, with Harley's head in his lap. Jensen leans against the doorway and waits for Jared to look up and see him. When he does his face breaks into a wide grin.

"Hey," Jared whispers. "I wake you?"

"Nah." Jensen shakes his head. Hitches his boxers up and nods at the dog. "He all right?"

Jared chuckles softly. "He's a big fucking baby, is what he is." Harley whines as Jared digs his fingers into the fur behind his ears. "Hates thunder and lightning."

"Where's Sadie?" Jensen asks, looking around.

Jared laughs again. "Sadie'd sleep through the goddamned house burning down. She don't wake up for shit."

Jensen pushes off the wall and walks over to Jared and the dog. He nudges Harley with his foot. Just a little, just enough to get the stupid mutt to look up at him, and then looks at Jared who's watching him with a small smile on his face.

"Come on," Jensen says. He jerks his head back toward the bedroom. "Let's go back to bed."

"Jen, I can't-"

"Bring the stupid dog," Jensen sighs. He's smiling as he says it though, and Jared's already standing, urging Harley up with his hands. "Just make sure he sleeps on your side."

The windows shake again as thunder rips into the night. Harley yelps, but Jensen doesn't even notice because Jared's hand is warm and strong, curled around the back of his neck. Jared kisses him; his mouth open just enough to trace his tongue along Jensen's lips. Jared tastes like sleep and rain.

"Come on," Jensen says, his voice rough as Jared pulls away. "Bed."

Jared bites the corner of Jensen's jaw. "Yeah," he says quietly, already moving down the hall. "Bed."


All right! It's friday, people! I just gave you SV talk AND a j2 ficlet! Whatchoo gots for me? *leers*
Tags: drabbles, jared/jensen
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