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New RPS fic - jared/chad/jensen/chris - Slow Burn

A while back, I dont remember where, but I asked antheia what she wanted for her birthday, and she said:

"jared/chad/jensen/chris." And I said "all together like that?" And she said "YES." And I said "o.O"

Because, you know, that's a lot of cocks to keep track of.

Anyway, here you go, my dear! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE! I present you with the dirtiest porn I've probably EVER WRITTEN \o/ (I'm still wanting to call it an orgy, but I'm not quite sure I can get away with it. I think we needed Steve there too and THEN it could have been an orgy. dammit.)

The hugest, most GINORMOUS thanks to brenda for the multiple amazing betas on this. Basically, the version *I* thought was done was 2700 words. THIS one, after brenda, is like 4100. So. *koff* Yeah. It needed work and she's the best ever to take the time to help me fix this. YAY. Thank you again!!

Title - Slow Burn
Pairing - jared/chad/jensen/chris, yes, exactly like that, all slashed together *g*
Rating - NC17

Slow Burn

Jensen thought that he must have missed something during the night that led to this. Some sort of look or word or something, because shit like this just didn't happen out of nowhere. Not in his life. No way, no how.

Or, maybe it did. Hell if he knew.

They'd all been at the bar, he remembered that much. There'd been a band on for a while ("Bunch of fucking pussies," Chris had slurred against Jensen's ear. He had an arm hooked around Jensen's shoulders, his breath warm and sweet like the Jack he'd been drinking, and he'd added, "I could out-sing this guy, blindfolded and half-dead drunk." Jensen just smiled and sipped his drink, opting not to tell Chris he probably already was half-dead drunk. No one needed the two of them throwing down in the middle of the goddamned bar, Jensen was sure) but Jensen kind of lost track of a few things after that.

Jared had been hanging out with Chad all night, shoving him against things and sticking his fingers in Chad's ears while Chad had taken pictures of Jared's ass with his camera phone or whatever other shit those two fools got up to. Jensen had recently taken to not paying too close attention when Jared and Chad got fucked up. They tended to get a little out of control, and Jensen was nobody's keeper.

The music had been loud, the bar crowded. Jensen had just been hanging back, sipping his drink, minding his own business, when Jared had come over, smile too bright and eyes too glassy.

"Drink this," he'd said, shoving a glass into Jensen's hand.

It'd smelled like a regular drink, but Jensen knew not to trust much where Jared was concerned. Bitch was even bigger on pranks and practical jokes than Jensen was. "Why?" he'd asked, raising an eyebrow at the way Chad had covered his mouth and giggled over Jared's shoulder. Jensen'd sniffed the drink again. He didn't trust those two as far as he could toss them. "What'd you put in here, fucker?"

"Just drink it." Jared had shoved Jensen's hand, pushing the glass half up against his chest. It'd spilled over the sides, wetting his fingers, and he'd been just about to tell Jared where he could shove it when Chris had sidled up and took the glass right from his hand, finishing it off in three long swallows.

Chris had raised an eyebrow at Jensen and slammed the glass on the bar. "Get your boy to make you a new one," he'd said, then smirked. Jensen had heard Jared already sputtering - he hated when Chris pulled shit like that - but Chad had just smacked Jared on the arm, telling him to shut up, man, just get Jen another drink, all right? Jensen still had no idea what the fuck was going on, but it was three against one, and no one could say that Jensen couldn't hang with the best of them.

Jared had gone off and gotten Jensen another drink - handed it over with a sly smile and the tip of his tongue poking from his mouth - and the second time, Jensen hadn't asked any questions.

"Nice work, son," Chris had said quietly, right against Jensen's ear, and by the time whatever the hell was in the drink hit his system, they'd been in the car on the way home, Jensen's limbs heavy and his blood pumping in time to the tires slipping over the pavement.


That had been a few hours ago, at least. Jensen wasn't really sure. They were at his place now, which was good. It was his own couch against his back, his own stereo playing too loud from the corner of the room. Jared was in the kitchen, from what Jensen remembered, and he hadn't seen Chad in…

The couch dipped and Jensen slid over, settling himself against Chris's side. "Where'r-" He stopped talking and stretched his mouth out. Everything felt funny - his hands and feet and teeth. Jensen couldn't remember how he'd gotten so fucked up, but there it was, words coming out thick and stupid. "Where are Jared and Chad?" he said, making sure to talk as slow as possible, tilting his head and looking up into Chris' bloodshot eyes.

Chris jerked his head toward the hall. "There," he said, and Jensen thought that that was probably his kitchen. He was pretty sure at least.

Jensen could hear Jared laughing at something from the other side of the house. Hell. You'd have to be deaf to miss it, with that big Texas boom of Jared's, and no matter what other functions Jensen had lost by this point in the night, his hearing wasn't one of them. He couldn't walk or talk or move, actually, but he could hear just fine. Which was funny, for some reason. So funny Jensen started laughing and couldn't stop.

"What?" Chris was trying to shove up on Jensen's shoulder, to get him to sit up better. But the more he asked what Jensen was laughing at, the louder Jensen laughed, until he was bent over, gasping for breath and sputtering. This entire night was fucked.

"Man - what?" Chris sounded pissed now. "You look like you've gone clear out of your damn mind," he said, and Jensen just twisted, turning to look at him, and wound up half against Chris's thigh, with his tongue in Chris's mouth, no more thinking required.

This was the first thing all night that made sense. The first thing that felt real, that Jensen could touch. The whole night had a sort of vague, floaty feeling to it, but Chris was solid beneath him. Soft flannel shirt and soft, tanned skin. Jensen leaned down, pressing Chris back into the cushions, and twisting his fingers tightly in Chris' hair. Jensen panted and moaned, straddled Chris' thigh, and made the most embarrassing sound he'd ever heard come from his own mouth when Chris shoved up hard between Jensen's legs.

He'd nearly forgotten what it was like to get stoned and not want to do anything but fuck. For the first few years after they'd met, that was all the Jensen and Chris had done, but time and age had worn them both down, and they were a little calmer now. A little more aware of what was going on around them, how they needed to sound and look and act in public - and drunken and fumbling all over each other sure as shit wasn't it.

Tonight though, was different. Tonight there wasn't anything Jensen wanted more than Chris' hands on his back: fingers digging into his hips and thighs and ass. He wanted Chris' mouth on him, sucking his cock, licking his balls, Chris' fingers pressed deep inside him, his tongue tracing Jensen's hole. Chris holding him down and fucking him raw, right here in the middle of the goddamned living room if that's where they wound up, Jensen didn't give a shit, he just needed something now. Something that was them, the way they always were.

"Goddamn," Jensen heard, and he recognized Jared's voice, knew Jared was watching, but was too far gone to care. Chris' hand was on the back of Jensen's neck, skin rough and warm. He was pulling Jensen down, eating at his mouth, and it was the best fucking thing ever, audience or not. Jensen pressed their cocks together through their jeans, swallowing Chris' moans and grunts.

"Jared, man, do you-" Jensen could hear Chad clear his throat, and then nothing but the slam of someone hitting the wall. Harsh breaths and broken sighs and Jensen wanted to look, to watch. It was Jared and Chad, and Jensen knew about them - hell, everyone they knew knew about them - but knowing was different than seeing and Christ, Jensen never realized how badly he wanted that. He tried to look over, to twist his head, but Chris' hand slipped at the back of his jeans, sliding down, and Jensen couldn't do more than stare back at Chris's face.

"Jen," Chris said, voice twisted and rough. His eyes were bluer than Jensen had ever seen. They flicked to the side and Jensen's followed, watching what Chris was watching, realizing that, like usual, he and Chris were on the same page. Jared was pressed against Chad, Chad's fingers curled around Jared's biceps, his hips pushing forward as they both grappled and sighed, and Jensen felt Chris' hips jerk against him hard.

Jensen's neck was sore where Chris bit down, and then he was saying, "Call them over," and Jensen did, not even thinking. Fuck thinking. He'd done that enough in his life. Tonight was just for this.

"Hey. Guys." Jensen's voice was thick and slow. Jared and Chad took a minute to stop, but when Jared turned his head, his eyes locked on Jensen's and didn't move. "C'mere," Jensen said roughly. Jared leaned his head down to say something in Chad's ear and Jensen found himself wishing for something he'd never even thought of before tonight.

They walked over - shoulder to shoulder - Jared going to his knees in front of the couch and Chad right next to him. Jared reached out and covered Chris' hand on the back of Jensen's neck, then tugged him forward until Jensen was lying across Chris' chest and half off the couch. He heard Jared say, "Yeah?" quietly - to Chris most likely - and Chris just gave Jensen a little shove until he was closer to Jared, their mouths touching the way they hadn't in months now.

Jensen missed this too, the half-drunk fumbling with Jared on his couch. It wasn't like the way it was with him and Chris - hell, nothing really was - but him and Jared together was something all on its own. Something fun and easy and kind of like home, in a fucked up sort of way. Something he and Jensen had both wanted, went after, and got, no hard feelings when it was over, no long and drawn out conversations about feelings or crap like that. They had what they had and it was good while it lasted, nothing more or less.

Jared's mouth was familiar, sweet and warm, and he traced Jensen's lips with his tongue, licked the back of his teeth, the roof of his mouth. Chris gave Jensen a little shove and then he was sitting up, someone's hand on his thigh, Jared kissing down his chin and jaw, and Chris with his mouth on Jensen's throat. Jensen couldn't tell who belonged to which hand or mouth. He could feel Jared, smell Chris, hear Chad, and Jensen just reached out and grabbed a hold of Jared's hair and twisted his head to kiss Jared's mouth.

Chris pulled Jensen toward him again, and then - oh. Jesus Christ. Jensen leaned back when he saw the look Chris was giving Jared, giving them space, making room. Jensen knew that look. Hell, he'd been on the receiving end of it for years. Jared blinked his eyes slowly, looking at Jensen carefully, his lips parted with a silent question, and all Jensen could do was nod. Jared didn't even know what he was in for.

"Do it," Jensen ground out. He shoved at Chris' waist until he was sliding off the couch onto the floor with Jared, hands immediately twisting in Jared's hair, mouth on Jared's throat. A shiver went through Jensen's body watching them kiss. Two of his best friends with their hands and tongues and mouths all over each other, and Jensen's voice was ripped open when he said, "Come on, Chris. Fuck him."

The music clicked off, and the room was suddenly silent except for the sounds of Chris and Jared's harsh breathing, skin on skin and mouths touching, kissing, fucking. Jensen settled back against the couch, his feet on the floor and legs spread open, watching Jared and Chris move toward each other, grunting and sighing. Jensen could feel his skull pound in beat with the silence. His heart was thudding in his chest, and the more time that passed the more fucked up Jensen felt. What the fuck did Jared put in their drinks anyway?

"Jen," Chad said, and holy fuck. Jensen had almost forgotten he was there. He turned his head away from Jared and Chris, and saw Chad in front of him on the floor, eyes cloudy and unfocused. It was Chad's hand on Jensen's thigh, Jensen realized. Chad moved it up a little, squeezed, and Jensen sucked in a sharp breath, electricity humming along his skin.

Jensen reached out and ran his palm over the soft spikes of Chad's hair. He needed to touch Chad, hold onto something, and when Jared gasped from whatever Chris had just done to him, Jensen pushed Chad's head down between his legs and opened his jeans, moving too slow and clumsy for how much he wanted.

"Yeah?" Chad asked. His fingers covered Jensen's, which were dragging the zipper down and sliding in Jensen's boxers. "I wanna suck you so bad," Chad breathed against his cock.

Jensen's head fell back against the couch, breath hissing though his teeth. It was too much; everything was too much. Jared and Chris, watching them, hearing them now, wet, needy sounds and the bone-deep need Jensen felt that was heating his blood, itching through his body, making him feel jittery and anxious and desperate for something - Chad's hands or mouth or teeth.

Chad's hands were dry and warm, his mouth just barely touching the head of Jensen's cock and Jensen's hips jerked from that first touch. This was Chad - Jared's Chad - and Jensen had to wonder if this was what they did when it was just Jared and Chad. Did they get drunk and stoned to the point that they could barely even speak, then lie together and touch and fuck each other for hours on end? Jensen thought about how Jared would feel like this, Chad's mouth, the fucking perfect way he fit his lips over the head of Jensen's cock, his tongue, strong and wet, curling around him like a dirty fucking promise.

Jensen couldn't stop thinking about it, the three of them together, Chad's mouth on his cock, then on Jared's cock, both of them at the same time. He ripped his fingers down the cushion of the couch and shoved up hard into Chad's mouth.

Chad made a muffled sound as he sucked harder. Jensen felt the head hit the back of Chad's throat, and Chad was gagging around him, but his hands were still moving, pulling Jensen's cock and balls, sliding down and under, one fingertip pressing lightly against him, and Jensen couldn't even come. He could feel it, heavy and itching in his body, a need settled so deep down he could feel it through his skin, but he couldn't stop thinking about - it wasn't-

"Fuck, god, yeah." Jared's voice was hoarse, and Jensen twisted his head, forced his eyes open, watching Chris kneel behind Jared on the floor as he fucked him against the front of the couch.

Jared was close enough for Jensen to touch, his hands braced on the cushion next to Jensen's hips, his mouth parted and wet. Jensen leaned on one elbow, his cock slipping deeper down Chad's throat, and kissed Jared as he watched Chris over Jared's shoulder. Chris was on his knees, fingers digging into Jared's hips as they knelt on the floor, the couch hitting dully against the wall the longer and harder they fucked.

Jensen knew how they felt, the both of them. He knew what it was like to have Jared laid out like a present, Jared's skin, tan and gold, sweaty and slick under Jensen's hands as he'd slid his cock, hard and dirty, into Jared's ass. They'd done it for hours at times. Just the two of them with a long weekend to kill during shooting. Jensen knew every inch of Jared's skin, knew every breath and sigh that would move past his lips.

Jensen knew what Chris was feeling now. The tight clench of Jared's body around him. The feel of Jared's fingers digging into Chris' thigh. He knew what Jared's skin tasted like when he was like this, salt and sweat, slick to the touch and sliding under Chris' teeth.

But he also knew what Jared felt like. How it was to be fucked like that; fucked open and wide by Chris. That strong body behind him, his hands, calloused and rough, digging into his hips, pulling him closer, back against him. Jensen had been fucked by Chris so hard he could have sworn he felt it in his teeth the next day, and to know that that's was what Jared was feeling now-Jesus. Jensen knew that Jared was fucking loving it; he could tell by the blissed out expression on Jared's face. The way he bit at Jensen's lips when Jensen kissed him, moaning quietly into Jensen's mouth, gasping out yeah, Christian, fuck, come on.

Chad's fingers slipped just under Jensen's balls, and he yelped a little as Chad said, "Dude. Am I keeping you from something?" Jensen tried to answer, tried to tell him that no, Jesus, no, holy fuck, he didn't mean to not be paying attention, but Christ, did Chad see Chris and Jared? But, just then, Chad sucked harder, trailed his fingers up and in and Jensen couldn't care less if Jared and Chris went on fucking fire, what Chad was doing felt so good.

Chad's mouth was - his mouth was fucking perfect. Wide and wet, and Jensen had never really thought about Chad much other than him being the other half of Jared, in a way. He never wondered what Chad did, what he was like, so this - having Chad with his fingers up Jensen's ass, giving Jensen the best fucking blowjob he'd had in who the fuck knew how long - it was throwing Jensen for a hell of a loop.

Jensen slipped his fingers into Chad's hair, and Chad did some wicked thing with his tongue as he curled his fingers that had Jensen coming so hard he thought they might have to lock him up. He'd had no idea, no fucking clue that Chad had a mouth like that. No wonder Jared hung out with him so much.

Jensen was barely finished when Chad pulled away, come hitting him on the chin and cheek, and yanking his own jeans down as he climbed onto Jensen's lap. His face was flushed, his lips swollen and wet. Jensen touched his thumb to the corner of Chad's mouth, wiping away a drop of come, and Chad sucked Jensen's thumb into his mouth, teeth biting sharply. "Yeah," he panted. Jensen shoved Chad's jeans down his hips, wrapping his fingers around Chad's cock, the head already wet, and he rubbed it across Jensen's lips, saying, "Suck me," when Jensen opened his mouth.

He could hear Jared coming, could hear his fingers drag down the material of the cushions, even as Chad twisted his fingers in Jensen's hair, holding his head still as he fucked Jensen's mouth hard and deep. Jensen could hear the high-pitched sound Jared made as Chris slammed into him, again and again, mingled with Chad breathing Jensen's name, Chris cursing a streak behind Jared as he shook and came all over the couch and floor.

Chad's cock was thick and slid over Jensen's lips and into his mouth, over and over, Chad's body hot and lean, twisting in his lap. He had a hand other around the base of his dick, jerking himself off and into Jensen's mouth, and Jensen covered Chad's hand with his, squeezed harder and faster, wanting to make him come in Jensen's mouth. He wanted to feel Chad lose it the way he lost it. To feel him shake and come on Jensen's tongue, on his face and chest and lips.

"God, so fucking hot," Jensen could hear Jared say. His voice was quieter, softer than anything Jensen had ever heard, his breaths thick and slow. Chad shuddered against Jensen, thrust deeper in his mouth, and Jensen could hear them all now, Chad's gasps and moans, Jared talking to Chris, low and broken, "You see that? Jensen's mouth is so fucking hot. When he's done with Chad I want his mouth on me, on the couch, fucking his mouth just like Chad's fucking him now. You wanna watch that, Chris? Watch me fuck Jensen like that?"

Jensen was hard again just from the sound of Jared's voice, from knowing they were all watching. Watching him suck Chad, who was losing it faster and faster, his hands grappling on the cushions, fingers pressing down on Jensen's jaw, shoving alongside his cock in Jensen's mouth. Jensen gagged, tightened his fingers in Chad's hips, and pulled him in closer as Chad came, swallowing it down, thick and hot.

Chad was breathing fast, his face hot against Jensen's neck, and Jared was saying, "Jesus, fuck, man, I gotta-" and grabbing Jensen's thigh, tugging him closer, pulling Chad off Jensen's lap and sprawling him back down onto the couch. Jared leaned over and kissed Chad hard and dirty, their faces next to Jensen's hip, tongues tangling together so close Jensen swore could taste them both.

Jensen met Chris' eyes over Jared's back. Watched his hand smooth down Jared's shoulder, settle on his side, then saw the way he looked down to where Jared and Chad were on the couch. Saw the way Chris was watching Chad, tongue coming out to slick against his lips, and Jensen waited until Chris caught his eye again to nod his head. "Go on," Jensen said, reaching out and curling a hand around Jared's arm.

He gave Jared a little tug, waiting until Jared pulled away from Chad's mouth to catch Jared's eye before flicking his eyes toward Chris. Jared wasn't stupid, no matter how much he liked to pretend at times he was. The minute he figured out what was going on, he smiled, then leaned down and said quietly, "Chris wants to fuck you, baby," against Chad's ear. Jensen licked his lips. He wanted Chris to have Chad so bad it made his balls ache. To watch the two of them, light and dark, moving together, hands and mouths - Jensen wanted it more than almost anything.

Chad looked over at Jensen, then up at Chris and licked his lips. "Yeah," Chad said, and Jared lifted up, moving back on the couch until he was pressed against Jensen's side, Chris giving Jensen one last look and a smile before stretching out over Chad. Jensen had never thought about them like this, the two of them like this together, and he felt his mouth go dry as he watched them move like it was something they'd always done, something they knew, nothing awkward or stilted about it.

"He's good, right?" Jared said, smoky soft against Jensen's ear. "Chad sucks cock like…" he laughed quietly. "He sucks cock as good as you, actually."

Jensen turned his head, licked his lips and found Jared watching him, eyes heavy-lidded and sex stupid. "Look how fucking hot they look," Jared whispered. Jensen looked over to where Chris was moving down, taking Chad's cock in his mouth, Chad's long, pale fingers knotted in Chris's hair. "You think Chris is gonna fuck him, Jen? I wanna watch that. Watch Chad all spread out like I was, Chris' dick in his ass, fucking him right here, while we watch. Did you like watching that, Jen? Chris was fucking me?"

"Fuck yeah," Jensen ground out. Jared's hand was trailing up his thigh, curling around his dick, and Jensen wanted to fuck Jared so bad he couldn't think of anything else.

"Jared." Jensen licked his lips, tried to stop looking at Chris and Chad long enough to catch Jared's eye, and when he did, Jared just watched him for a second and smiled. "Turn over," Jensen said, and Jared leaned over and slipped his tongue in Jensen's mouth, kissing him deep and long before moving back and pulling Jensen onto the floor with him.

The buzz was slowly filtering out of Jensen's system, but it didn't matter, he didn't care. He didn't think anyone was going to stop for a long fucking time, and that was perfectly fine with him.

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