BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

New RPS fic - jared/chad/jensen/chris - Slow Burn

A while back, I dont remember where, but I asked antheia what she wanted for her birthday, and she said:

"jared/chad/jensen/chris." And I said "all together like that?" And she said "YES." And I said "o.O"

Because, you know, that's a lot of cocks to keep track of.

Anyway, here you go, my dear! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE! I present you with the dirtiest porn I've probably EVER WRITTEN \o/ (I'm still wanting to call it an orgy, but I'm not quite sure I can get away with it. I think we needed Steve there too and THEN it could have been an orgy. dammit.)

The hugest, most GINORMOUS thanks to brenda for the multiple amazing betas on this. Basically, the version *I* thought was done was 2700 words. THIS one, after brenda, is like 4100. So. *koff* Yeah. It needed work and she's the best ever to take the time to help me fix this. YAY. Thank you again!!

Title - Slow Burn
Pairing - jared/chad/jensen/chris, yes, exactly like that, all slashed together *g*
Rating - NC17

Slow BurnCollapse )
Tags: rps fic
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