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New J2 fic - leave a message at the tone

HA HA HA. This was supposed to be a drabble and it's longer than the last three fics I posted.


Anyway, fic! I guess! Based on this prompt from gypsy_atavari:

J2 AU. Jensen dials the wrong number and gets Jared (or vice versa) and they end up talking and interested. :-)


Title - leave a message at the tone
Pairing - Jared/Jensen
Rating - pg13 schmoop
Word Count - 2300
Spoilers - none

leave a message at the tone

Jensen hears the first message on a Monday after work.

"Hey, Tommy. It's Jared. From, uh, the other night." There's a pause, a really deep chuckle, and then "God. Wow. I can't believe I actually just said that. Anyway, I had a really good time the other night. Which I'm guessing you could tell, but, uh, yeah. I had a lot of fun and just wanted to say thanks. Which makes me sound like a total tool so I'mma just gonna stop now and give you my number in case you wanna give me a call and, uhm. I dont know. Hang out again. Or something. Anyway, it's 553-7265. So. Okay. Bye."

Jensen stops sorting through the mail long enough to kind of feel bad for the guy before deleting the message and tossing his bills in a pile on the kitchen counter.


The second message comes the Thursday after that.

"Tommy, hey. It's Jared again. I'm not sure if maybe you didn't get my message the other day. Your machine sounded kind of weird and I thought maybe I got cut off or something. Anyway. If you didn't, I had a really good time last weekend. And if you did, uh, I guess I still really had a good time last weekend."

Jensen stops fucking with the mail this time as the guy keeps talking. Because, wow. This guy can talk.

"So, yeah. Me and my friend Chad are gonna head back to The Stage tomorrow if you want to meet up. Hang out or something. No pressure, just let me know. I'll give you my number again in case it got cut off or something last time."

The guy, Jared, rattles off his number again, then says bye and hangs up. Jensen feels almost guilty deleting the message this time. Clearly he's not Tommy, and whoever Tommy is he obviously didn't want to talk to Jared again so he gave him a wrong number. Jensen feels kind of bad for Jared, even though Jared must be kind of a tool to hook up with some random guy in a bar, but no one deserves to be given a bum number. That's just douchey.

In the end Jensen feels bad but deletes the number anyway.


Jensen works at an insurance company, which means that he spends half his day on the phone listening to people bitch about their car insurance rates, and the other half of the day taking smoke breaks with Sandy. Jensen doesn't smoke but he pretends he does to be able to go outside every hour and a half and not listen to people complain in his ear.

Today is Friday, and for some reason Jensen hears himself telling Sandy about the weird phone messages from Jared.

"That's shitty," Sandy says when Jensen finishes. "Aww. The poor dweeb."


"Well he must be a dweeb for some dude to hook up with him at some bar and then give him the wrong number. And what kind of loser keeps calling the dude who gave you the wrong number to begin with?"

Jensen feels defensive. "He doesn't sound like a dweeb. He sounds like a nice guy. Maybe Tommy's just a dick."

Sandy raises an eyebrow and takes a drag of her cigarette. "I think Jared's ugly. Like, short and fat with snot in his nose."

"You're such a bitch," Jensen tells her. "He sounds really nice. And cute, maybe. He has a nice voice at least."

Sandy goes from horrible witch to squealing cheerleader in point three seconds flat. "Oh, ha!" She drops her cigarette on the ground and claps her hands. "Ha ha! You like him!"

"What?" Jensen is confused.

"Jared! You totally like Jared! You know what you should do, right?"

Jensen does know. It starts off with never having started this conversation with Sandy to begin with and goes from there.

"You should go to The Stage tonight and find Jared and hook up with him."

Jensen rolls his eyes. "That's ridiculous." Sandy is just staring at him, waiting, so Jensen ticks off the reasons why on his fingers. "I don't know Jared. He doesn't know me. I don't know what he looks like. And I fucking hate that place. It's completely gay and filled with losers."

Sandy flips her dark hair over her shoulder and counts right back at him. "I know you don't know Jared but you should just go, try and find him, buy him a drink and talk to the guy. Oh, and also, Jensen? You're gay, so saying you don't like the gay club he's going to be at doesn't count."

Jensen really hates when Sandy's right.


Jensen winds up going to the club that night after all. He's wearing a black button down shirt with the top three buttons open and a pair of jeans so tight he's pretty sure everyone in a two mile radius can see what he's packing. He gets there around nine and gets picked up by a tattooed guy with a green mohawk, a short guy with spiky bleached blond hair, and a guy dressed up like the a really hot girl.

None of them are named Jared, though, so he goes home around midnight, tired and cranky.


When Jensen gets home on Monday night to another message on his machine, he’s not even surprised.

Ok, you know what, Tommy? You’re just a fucking dick. Seriously.” And wow. Jensen’s never heard this side of Jared before. “I mean, I know we met on some lameass website, and ok, fine. So maybe hooking up after one night in a bar wasn’t the best thing to do, but Jesus Christ. We’re not chicks here, man. I kinda thought we were getting along and having fun talking and that everything went good when we met up that night and just. If you didn’t want to hang out again you could have just said so, not fucking blow me off. Asshole.

And the thing is, Jared sounds pissed, sure, but he also sounds kind of upset. Hurt, maybe, and Jensen is too nice of a guy to let anyone go around feeling like that.

Before he even thinks about why he’s doing it, Jensen is picking up the phone and dialing Jared’s number.


And that’s definitely Jared. Jensen recognizes his voice. “Hey,” Jensen says. “This is going to sound weird but you’ve been calling me by accident for the past week. I was just blowing it off at first but it sounds kind of important so I just wanted to let you know that the messages you’ve been leaving haven’t actually been getting to the person you’re leaving them for.”

Jared is quiet. Pretty much silent, actually. And then Jensen hears, “Oh. Shit.”

“Hey, it’s no big deal, man,” Jensen tells him. He can hear Jared laughing bitterly in the background.

“God, I’m such a fucking loser.”

“Nah,” Jensen says. “It happens, dude. Don’t worry about it.”

There’s a weird kind of silence hanging there until Jared clears his throat. “Well, all right. Thanks so much for calling to let me know, uhm—“


“Right. Thanks for letting me know, Jensen. I’ll make sure not to bother you anymore.”

Jared hangs up before Jensen gets a chance to tell him it wasn’t really a bother at all.


Jensen would really love to stop thinking about Jared. Any day now would be nice. He mopes around at work for days until Sandy hits him across the back of the head and tells him to just call Jared again, dammit, and ask him out. Jensen knows that’s insane. He doesn’t know anything about Jared at all other than he has a nice voice and hooks up with guys he meets on the internet in twinky gay clubs. Not the best endorsement for Jared right there.

Plus, whatever Jensen knows about Jared, Jared knows even less about him. And if the situations were reversed and Jared went ahead and called Jensen to ask him out after nothing but a few misdirected phone messages? Jensen would have run for the fucking hills.

He keeps thinking about it though. He’d really love to be able to stop.


Jensen officially gives up on Saturday night. He’s playing Wii and thinking about how bored he is with his life. With everything. And how boring the last few days have been without any weird Jared messages waiting for him when he gets home from work.

He pauses the Wii and calls Jared before he can think of a reason not to.

Jared answers on the third ring which is good. At least Jensen’s not the only one home on a Saturday night.

“So hey, how old are you?” Jensen asks as soon as Jared says hello. “Oh. It’s Jensen, by the way.”


“The guy who’s phone you kept calling by mistake.”

“Oh.” Jared sounds weirded out. Jensen can hardly blame him. “Uhm. Twenty six.”

“Ok. So here’s the thing.” Jensen takes a deep breath, squeezes his eyes shut and just goes for it. “I’m twenty-eight. Single. Like guys. Pretty fucking hot, if you want to know the truth, and hanging out by myself on a Saturday night drinking beer and playing Wii. And I know you’re single, and hook up with guys if the messages were true, so. I don’t know. You maybe want to grab a beer or something one night?” Jared is still quiet so Jensen goes in for the kill. “It’s pretty much the same as using a dating site, man. Only we're already actually talking.”

Jared is quiet for so long that Jensen’s convinced he’s just too shocked to hang up the phone properly, but then he clears his throat and asks the weirdest question he could pick out of all the questions in the world.

“What kind of beer you drinking?”

Jensen grins. “Newcastle.”

Jared laughs quietly. “That’s a hell of a lot more in common than I had with the last guy,” he tells Jensen. Then adds, “Sure. What the hell. Why not.”


They meet at ten at a place between Jensen’s home and Jared’s. Jensen gets there first, he thinks, and goes to the bar. He’s sitting there, drinking his beer and trying not to look too awkward when the hottest guy he’s ever seen in real life comes over and sits next to him.

Jensen smiles at the guy, then looks away and tries to remember how to breathe right. Jensen can smell his cologne, something warm and spicy. He’s in the middle of his third prayer to the Lord that somehow this is Jared, when the guy clears his throat and Jensen recognizes the voice instantly.

“Hey. Uhm, Jensen?”

Jensen looks at Jared and smiles. “Hi.”

Jared’s grin is blinding, all white teeth and dimples. Jensen barely knows this guy and already wants to kiss the breath out of him. Jesus Christ.

“’S’good to meet you,” Jared says.

Jensen has to agree.


They drink until the bar closes, talking about anything that pops into either of their heads. Jensen discovers that they both love the Cowboys and hate the Spurs. They both like pool but hate darts. Jared has two dogs, Jensen has a fish tank.

“We’ll have to work on that,” Jared tells him with a wink, his perfect lips curled around the mouth of a beer bottle, and all Jensen can think is oh, Christ, we sure can.

It’s around two and the bartender is shooting a glare at them every time he passes. They split the check and leave a big enough tip that he won’t spit in their beer the next time they go there. If they go there again. Which Jensen is kind of hoping they will.

When he mentions that to Jared, Jared smiles. “Hope so too,” Jared says.

They walk to the corner and it’s probably too soon to do anything awkward like hug or kiss, so when they realize they each have to go different directions down the block Jensen holds out his hand and feels a zing shoot through his blood when Jared’s fingers curl around his.

“This was fun,” Jensen says.

“It was,” Jared agrees. “We should meet up again.”


Jensen’s about to turn and walk away when he hears Jared clear his throat. “Jensen?”


“I just. I have to tell you, man, when you called me back and asked me out I was kind of figuring you were gonna be. I don’t know. Weird or something. And just…” he trails off and scratches the back of his neck. His smile, when it comes again, is perfect. “I’m really glad you called, is all.”

“Yeah.” Jensen can feel a ridiculous grin on his face. He discovers he doesn’t even want to try and stop it. “Me too.”

“Cool. So I’ll talk to you soon.” Jared looks like he's hesitating for a moment, and then he leans in and brushes his lips over the corner of Jensen's mouth, soft as a secret.

"Can't wait," Jensen says. Jared turns to walk away and Jensen realizes he can't stop smiling.

Tags: jared/jensen, rps fic
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