BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

new 1D fic - liam/louis - Worth The Wait

the hookerfic is posted!

thanks to mediaville and catchmelike for the amazing betas and hanelissar for britpicking! you guys rock!

I would probably never write a word if I didnt have the most amazing feedbackers and cheerleaders, so thank you harriet_vane and prettykitty_aya! MWAH!!

title - Worth The Wait
pairing - liam/louis, side zayn/niall
rating - explicit
word count - ~21,000
summary - “Leave it to you, Liam, to not only be the least likely person to ever pull in a hooker, but he winds up being a bloke that you move in with.” He’s cackling wildly now and Liam’s hand nearly slips off the wheel as Niall hits him repeatedly. Liam doesn’t need to see to know Niall’s laughing so hard he’s got tears coming from his eyes and his cheeks are most likely a bright red flush. “Liam Payne: making even a shady encounter with a hooker into a respectable situation."

link to the fic at AO3:

Worth The Wait
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