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end of the year fic meme!!

guys, before one direction and this past june I hadnt written a fic in over two years and didnt have reason to do a fic meme since like, 2006, so. you're getting one now :D

Total number of fics: 24. 24!!! since the end of June. I just. ONE DIRECTION, MAN.

Total wordcount: 156,900

Total number of fandoms: 1

My favorite story of mine this year: probably you're the answer to the question I didn't know I was asking bc even though I don't neccessarily ship liam/zayn this was my third 1d fic but the first one that I felt like I really GOT their voices. it was also the story I was writing when I got really involved in twitter and made some really amazing friends so I have a soft spot for it bc of MEMORIES

My best story: this is so hard. I think writingwise, ugh, maybe And If This is the Only Thing I Want both bc I feel like the writing is decent and that story did EXACTLY what I planned on and what I wanted it to which never happens when 1d is involved lol

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I def feel like anyone reading ANY of my fics is amazing but I'm sure people don't read Hoes Over Bros bc they see it's whatever, gen and eleanor and danielle so they skip it but I think parts of that fic are hilarious.

Most fun story: it's all fun and gmaes until someone falls in love. at least the first half of that fic I still think is HILARIOUS. the conversation between liam and louis about Brave and Toy Story is possibly one of my favorite lilo scenes I've written

Most sexy story: Hold Me Down. Definitely.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: idk if its WRONG but harry styles/jensen ackles isn't the most common pairing so I guess Hearts Breaking Even? I def think its funny though.

Story with single sexiest moment: lol I would say the scene in Hold Me Down where nick asks harry about if he's ever been spanked but that was actually added by mediaville in beta so I didnt even write it lol? so maybe the conversations w nick and caroline in that fic where caroline is talking about tying harry up with her silk blouses and using a strap on on him. even though they're like, past tense off screen things that happened I think the IDEA of them is insanely sexy

Story with single sweetest moment: every single word of you help me sing my song. it's just - it's wedding fic. HARRY/NICK WEDDINGFIC and I love it and I think its sweet without being cloying and idk. either the proposal or the last scene of them looking at each other all in love in the coat closet are my favorites.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: I hate this question bc I feel like all of my fics are ALWAYS really self indulgent and telling but probably, ugh, idk, probably you help me sing my song again.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: I feel like EVERY fic does this? like, every time I write anything about any of them I feel like I know and understand them better? but I think I really liked and learned about the harry and liam dynamic in If I Was Your Boyfriend I'd Never Let You Go. I really love harry and liam in that and it always felt like it could be very real for them.

Hardest story to write: Hold Me Down for sure. I always feel like I'm not that great at writing porn and just really struggled with that fic a lot. if I didnt have such a great beta on it (mediaville!!!) it probably never would have seen the light of day tbh. I had a really hard time w it.

Easiest story to write: hands down it's you help me sing my song. I wrote that whole fic in like, two days. I dont even think I thought about it, it just HAPPENED. apparently I have a lot of feelings about harry and nick getting married :D

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: schmoopy boys falling in love and having a lot of feelings. pretty much every fic I wrote demonstrates it. it's pretty much the motto of all of 1d as a whole.

Anyway, that was fun! I literally have SIXTEEN fics that I want to write this year and in addition to that I really want to try some kind of epic ot5 'them all finding each other' fic, some kind of time-travel or magical realism kind of fic (a fic happening entirely in dreams, all of them having to find the fifth one in another dimension, SOMETHING like that), and some kind of epic harry/louis where they always wind up together in different lifetimes. kind of like the time travelers wife but not. anyway. WE WILL SEE.
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