BUT HARRY STYLES (estrella30) wrote,

new 1d fic - nick/harry - papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

title - papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
pairing - nick/harry
rating - mature
word count - ~17k
summary - The baby coos and kicks her foot against Harry’s chest. Nick slides his hand around Harry’s waist and pulls him closer, tucking the baby between them. Harry’s hand covers her entire back. She’s so small Nick can’t believe they even make clothes to fit her. Nick leans in and kisses Harry’s shoulder and Harry looks up at him, his eyes red and damp.

“Nick, I can’t. I’m sorry but I can’t – we can’t leave her here,” he says thickly. Nick nods because he figured this out. Hell, maybe he always knew. "You're the only family she's got, Nick, we've got to do what's best for her and at least look after her until they can find her a real home ... this place isn’t a home."

or, the one where harry and nick get a baby to take care of

read it on AO3!!

papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

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